I suggest that you visit the following pages for help with your claim.

http://www.ptsdmanual.com/   explains how to help your claim along and what you need to do.

explains what the GAF score means. The lower the better.

http://www.ptsdsupport.net/ptsd_gafscores.html  see above explanation of link.


Both of the above state "PTSD Victims No Longer Required To Prove Trauma to VA" and give Rules & Regs, ie
Stressor Letter.
The problem with not including a Stressor Letter in your claim is how can the VA know what happened to you.
Especially if you did not get a Purple Heart. NONE of the Firefights or Booby-traps were written in our 201 File.


When you see your Docs or Shrinks and they ask "how to do you feel" DO NOT SAY OK!!!!!

If you do they will automatically think "If this guy is OK, why is he here."  You need to say something like 'Not worth
a damn, or I keep getting bad dreams or flashbacks." Just so long as it is not OK.

When you are scheduled for a Comp & Pen exam for PTSD, get off your meds at least 1 day before so that you are
on edge and ready to rip someone's head off. I stood for 1 1/2 hours with my back in a corner, a chair, then the
normal exam table in front of me and then the Shrink. I could see the door into the room and also out the window.
Get MAD,CRY,Cuss out the Shrink etc.

I stronger recommend that you contact the Disabled American Veterans service officer located in your state VA
regional office.  See link below.


In my opinion the DAV is like a 5 Star General and they win the battle 99.99% of the time. Give them Power of
Attorney to represent you at the VA and let them carry you claim. Give them all the info you have and be sure and
make copies of everything you give them.
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